Website Packages

Website Packages
No-one will deny that the web has revolutionised the way we do business. Clixpert allows you to run your business online just as efficiently as you would in a traditional setting. Clixpert understands that you need a website package that is tailored specifically to your needs and this is why we are the obvious choice when selecting the perfect website package because we do just that – provide a package that suits your objectives and meets your requirements. And, don't worry if you are not sure what your needs are or how to satisfy your requirements. That happens a lot in the technological and digital world. Your worries, however, are over because Clixpert allows you to be an expert in what you do, while we put our expertise to work to help you to grow your business.
Customers purchase because of :
  • Want
  • Drive
  • Encouragement
  • Expectations
  • Opportunity
  • Organisation
  • Product or service
  • Potential
  • Sales
  • Success

Clixpert offers website packages that have all the elements to get results.

Our website packages cater to a range of needs which means we can help you every time. Whether you need a basic website or a more complex system design; whether you need a redesign, an update or just some tweaking; we will take you through the whole process and you will be surprised at how easy it can be with the right help and advise.

First of all, we will establish what you want to achieve and from that we can design a subscription package to suit you perfectly.

Clixpert will do the following for you and you can watch in awe as your business becomes an overnight success. Packages include:

Website design from the basic to the advanced.

It's as easy as Click- Create- Complete

  • Experience a UNIQUE, custom website
  • Enjoy website building services and software
  • Let the experts personalise your website
  • Do not be concerned about the technical aspects
  • Relax as your design takes shape
  • Appreciate the look and all- important content of your new or improved website
  • Get the maximum benefit
  • Use your website as an effective marketing tool
  • Promote all aspects of your business
  • Watch your business grow and thrive
Website hosting

Space- Server – Seen- Success

  • Take advantage of Clixpert's established reputation
  • Benefit from quality hosting
  • Be seen
  • Enhance your existing position
  • Take advantage of secure and protected material
  • Enjoy specialist advise and management of your website
  • Promote your business in an easy and manageable way
  • Watch your business grow and thrive
Search Engine Marketing

Search- Secure- Sale- Success

  • Be assured of ethical practices
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Promote the key elements of your business and watch sales flourish
  • Relax in the presence of optimisation technologies and strategies
  • Ensure your Search Engine Marketing campaigns are managed by professionals
  • Secure a priority position and turn visitors into clients
  • Exceed expectations
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Watch your product or service reach global proportions
  • Watch your business grow and thrive
Google Adwords management

Pinpoint - Persuade- Purchase- Prevail

  • Enjoy an almost instantaneous presence on Google
  • Advertise directly
  • Pay per click
  • Set your budget
  • Control and edit functions
  • Set your target market
  • Promote the unique selling points of your product
  • Recognise the power of words and the power of persuasion
  • Watch visitors become clients
  • Watch your business grow and thrive
Social Media Marketing

Peers-Potential- Publish- Prevail

  • Foster relationships with potential customers through easy and efficient methods
  • Build a positive image
  • Develop your brand
  • The network uses numerous sources such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter
  • Reach a wide range of clients
  • Promote your business concept and reap the rewards
  • Watch your business grow and continue to thrive
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