Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation
Clixpert is an experienced & qualified consultant that offers website evaluation. It is our business to help ensure your business' growth through expert online marketing. Website evaluation and design is not overlooked at Clixpert as it is one of our specialties that lays the foundation for successful online marketing.

Clixpert has been in business since 2009, critiquing sites & identifying their downfalls and needs. We offer website evaluation Sydney and worldwide, researching the competition and implementing the best approaches, tools and techniques to ensure your website gets to the top.

At Clixpert, you have a company that works to achieve Page One Placement for our customers on Google, Yahoo® Bing® and all other major search engines.

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Website Evaluation

Site evaluation is performed to determine how well a site performs against a list of criteria or a rubric. There are various approaches that can be taken to assess its performance Included in the evaluation process is assessing the website for clarity of content, how readable and user friendly the site is to visitors, usefulness and value of information.

Clixpert analyses and evaluates all aspects of a customer's website during the evaluation process, including
  • Website design
  • Website content
  • Website programming
  • Website structure
  • Website promotion
  • Customer relationship management

When analysing a website, all perspectives must be considered. Identifying objectives from every angle- marketing, customer service and positioning and evaluation of the design, component areas, content, automation, and search engine marketing preparedness must be performed. Clixpert website evaluation entails all aspects of analysing customer websites to determine and implement the exact components that will take it to the top.

Once we have analysed and evaluated a website, we then comment, discuss and suggest ideals to implement improvements to each evaluated area.

For marketers to achieve online success, all elements must be in place. Clixpert ensure a detailed evaluation of your website to ensure all the elements are in place for a website that brings online success.

Letting Clixpert know your goals, competitors and specific information about your company's objectives allows us to analyse your website in the most efficient manner. We analyse sites of all complexities, evaluating for the effectiveness of the site, areas where improvements can be made and techniques in which we can help you to reach your objectives. Online success doesn't just happen, a strong foundation and a good marketing plan need to be in place. Clixpert provides our customers with the best recommendations once their site has been evaluated, as well as a detailed report filled with information that can be implemented.

At Clixpert, our goal is your success and our business is to make that success happen. Conversion rate is a key element to measuring the effectiveness of a website. Our site analysts are experts in all faucets of online marketing in the design and development of websites, achieving maximum benefits by site analyses and development of websites using the best tools and techniques to ensure success.

Clixpert SEO specialists are experts in site evaluation Sydney and worldwide, taking the time to get to know you, your business and implementing the best strategies to get your site to the top.

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