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Clixpert is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with SME’s and Corporates to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions in search, social, media, content, influencer marketing and analytics. Our goal is to offer strategic social media solutions to our clients by integrating creative content +design and analytics that deliver a positive ROI and meet client goals

We cross the line frequently - our clients expect us to.

Few agencies integrate Search and Social to get a marketing result the way we do.

Today, the line between Social Media and Search has become increasingly blurred.
To succeed, an online marketing agency must be competent in both areas of marketing. Applying its expertise to ‘better understand’ its clients’ business climate so it may tailor its marketing programmes to it.

Everything works better when it is integrated

It is hard, and some say – pointless- to split hairs on digital marketing, digital media and social media strategy. They work best to drive sales and results – when integrated.

Customers don’t view media the way marketing experts do

For them, media – whether it is Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram – is a just a platform for them to find a product or service they need or to share their views on business or life. We have to be careful we don’t interrupt their reason for being on the platform. Or we could antagonize them towards our brand – in a manner that is unnecessary.

Social Media
At Clixpert, we understand both ‘Search’ and ‘Social’ – integrating both with ‘Analytics’ for our clients’ benefit

What this means is ‘our clients present a ‘Unified Face’ to their customers - no matter what platform they happen to be on.
We know, from proprietary research we’ve done at Clixpert that ‘when a brand is consistent (or at the least, coherent) it is more likely to be seen as credible – and purchased.’

For Australian SME businesses, in the growth phase of their life cycles, it is a ‘Key Imperative’ to move from a Sales to a Brand or Reputational focus. This drops the cost of sales and improves margin, revenue and profit – allowing expansion to take place more rapidly.
Integration is about understanding the Founder’s Vision and communicating it single-mindedly to their audience

The best spokesperson for a business is its owner.
At Clixpert, we start by understanding the business-owners VISION. Once we understand your VISION, we then work out the best way by which you can achieve it using the decade long experience we have in our agency which is now 18 talents strong.
With these talents – all of whom are specialists with ‘deep domain-level’ knowledge of Analytics, Insights, Strategy, Content, SEO, SEM, Technology, CRM, Sales Coaching, Business Incubating and Mentoring – we develop IMC’s (Integrated Marketing Communication SoIutions) that are second to none in Australia or overseas

Our Work

The Strategic Creative Campaign: How we used Social To Increase ROI 191.5%


Platinum Lawyers is a boutique Law Firm based in Sydney specialising in family, criminal and property law.


The client had two main goals: create drink driving offence awarness and drive conversions through their websites

Creative Insight

Our Creative, Strategy and Account Team first looked for insights into why people drink and drive. We looked at Google data as well as studied research into Drink Driving that had been published in Australia and overseas. We found ‘people use occasions as excuses to drink at levels that are clearly dangerous - these excuses could be Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, a mate’s birthday, a reunion, an anniversary - so on and so forth.’


We used ‘consequences’ creatively brought alive by our team with the linne “What are you getting yourself this Christmas, Easter, Long Weekend?” using ‘handcuffs” as a Creative Element to anchor and launch the campaign. From a media standpoint, we synced advertising to the key events as described above using platforms with a ‘high-stickness’ to them -

What We Achieved
  • ROI delivered - 8 X campaign investment
  • Direct web leads/conversion to customer - 693
  • Impressions - 333,000
  • Engagement on social media - 20,000 targeted +
  • Post Reactions: Increased by 25%
  • Post Comments: Increased by 31%
  • Post Shares: Increased by 43%
  • Link Clicks: Increased by 440%
  • In two years the FB page followers have grown by 191.5%
To see the results we’ve achieved visit the Platinum Lawyers Facebook page Platinum Lawyers
Results are the language we speak

So, if result are what you're after, we'd love to have a coffe (our shout) and a conversation with you. To arrange it, please call Clixpert on 1300 254 973