SEO Audit

SEO Audit
A strong online foundation is essential. At Clixpert, we ensure that our clients receive services that keep the strength of their foundation in mind. This is why when starting a new online advertising campaign, we ensure that we carefully analyse all the key elements of their business. One of the first steps taken by the experts at Clixpert is performing an SEO Audit.

What are some of the things done in an SEO Audit?
There are many steps involved in carrying out an SEO Audit. One of the primary steps, however, involves crawling the website to check for any discrepancies.

Our experts will look at the architecture of your website, analysing both the vertical depth and horizontal depth at the different levels. Upon completion, we'll be able to determine whether or not changes need to be made to the structure of your website and if so, what changes need to be made. This is of dire importance when ranking a site because it is essential that the most important pages receive priority.

Navigation through Flash and Javascript is carried out after looking at the site architecture. The importance of this lies on the fact that inaccessible navigational elements affect ranking. By performing this check, we pick up on any faults with Javascript or Flash that may have an impact on the performance of your website in the different search engines.

How your website performs is also related to the amount of success you receive through Search Engine Optimisation. Websites with lower loading times are crawled more efficiently and thus, rank better. Additionally, a faster website and one that performs without flaws will be more attractive to potential customers. As a result, your website's bounce rate will be lower and the amount of time a visitor spends navigating through your website will be higher.

Our experts will also keep an eye out for any penalties that have been imposed on your website. This is one of the things that can also have a very negative effect on ranking. If your website does have a penalty, there's no need to worry because this is something that our experts can also assist in eradicating.

Through carrying out an SEO Audit, Clixpert's SEO experts will be able to determine how healthy your website is all-round. In order to provide the best service possible, all red flags need to be recognised and eradicated and all creases need to be ironed out. Upon completion of the SEO Audit, you can guarantee that your website will be in prime condition and ready to take the internet by a storm through improved rankings and impeccable white-hat SEO techniques.

SEO Audit
At Clixpert, we consider EVERYTHING. Our main goal is to have our clients achieve great success in the major search engines and to have this success translate to the prosperity of their businesses. This is the reason why we ensure that our SEO Audits are carried out by our lead experts and that they are done with the utmost precision. You can guarantee that no element will be overlooked when it comes to analysing your website and prepping it for future success.

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