With more than a thousand Australian clients served since 2009, Clixpert is one of Australia’s leading search and digital marketing firms.

Initially set up to serve the needs of small and medium enterprises, we are now at a capability, and size, where we are able to look after our core SME clients, as well as take on digital marketing responsibilities for much larger corporate clients – those who understand the critical importance of growth - and who pursue it through intelligent marketing means- the same way we do.

Content is intent

With so many digital, SEO and SEM agencies out there - each promising the moon and the space that lies beyond it – clients are right in asking – “so what makes you so special that I should talk to you?” Well, actually, there are quite a few reasons why:

Search Engine Optimisation
1. We get search - also that well-targeted content drives it

We’ve invested heavily in these core capabilities inhouse, and package them with analytics, creative services, concept marketing, web and mobile design, web and mobile production, sales coaching and mentoring, CRM, project management and consulting.

2. We are business and goal focused

Being business people ourselves, we realise that the way to achieve goals is to first set them. Goals give clarity and purpose to campaigns. They ensure our work is ROI led and adds value where it matters most - our clients’ bottom line.

We have grown by 63% every single year, since inception, in 2005. With relationships that are on average, 7 years or more, our clients look to us to understand their business, their industry and help them lead it.

3. We listen – not many agencies do

Experience has taught us that our clients will always know their business better than we will. So we have no issue in listening to their view, or being counselled by it. We see our clients as our allies, our partners, on whose side we are on. It’s an attitude, every one of our staff members embodies as well.

Work with us, and you will find they dedicate themselves to your business and treat it like it is their own.

Some of the brands we’ve helped grow through SEO
  • AJAJ Tyres
  • Blind Inspiration
  • Platinum Lawyers
  • Austral Dynamics
  • Premier Car Removal
  • Security One 2 One
4. Close relationships with Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Shopify Microsoft and Trust Pilot

Clixpert is a Google Premium Partner, a Facebook Partner – plus, also enjoys strong relationships with Salesforce Cloud-based Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify and Trust Pilot - which aggregates social reviews, so clients can make better sense of them.

One of the few Australian digital marketing agencies with powerful IT capabilities inhouse, we are deep into Machine Learning (Google’s latest algorithm update), Multi-visit Buyer Journeys, Reverse SEO, and many more concepts other agencies maybe not be familiar with yet.

All our work is Mobile First, Social, Voice Search and Rich Answer and Query Content (RAQC). Voice Search Queries have increased upwards X 35 times since 2008 and 7 times since 2010. As of 2015, Rich Answers were displayed for nearly 20% of queries, the number is slated to only go upwards in 2017.

We make complex simple for our clients - always taking care to ensure we enrich their solutions and improve the ROI we deliver for them.

To discuss your Seach Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing or Web Design please call Clixpert on 1300 254 973 .

Google Relationship
5. Integrated in our approach

Clixpert started with operations in Search. Today, however, we offer our clients an expertise that is much more strategic, and broader, in scope.

Our services cover research, consumer insight mining, analytics, strategy development, culture analysis, creative concept development, creative production, media distribution, ongoing analysis and campaign improvement.

This gives you performance-based marketing campaigns that visibly improve your company’s brand reputation and business ROI.

With a focus on delivery, not just promise, we are an agency looking to do powerful work for our clients across all sectors- Small, Medium and Large.

If ambitious goals, revenue targets and ROI drive your business the way it drives ours, we invite you to get in touch.

integrated approach

We are confident a conversation will be one worth having. To discuss your Seach Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing or Web Design please call Clixpert on 1300 254 973 .