Comprised of a team of SEO specialists, Clixpert is amongst the top online marketing companies in Sydney. With fool proof strategies, we've accomplished great success in fuelling our client's online marketing campaigns, allowing them to get a firm grip on success. Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky field. However, it's one that the experts at Clixpert fully comprehend, and with years of knowledge under our belt, we know just the strategies and methods to implement in order to secure exceptional results.
Search Engine Optimisation
A company's prosperity relies on its clients and in order for a company to acquire a substantial client base, it needs to be easily found. Through the Search Engine Optimisation techniques implemented by our specialists at Clixpert, we're able to take your website to the top of the search engines for optimum visibility. In doing so, your target group will have no difficulty landing on your website, with interest, and taking advantage of the products or services you have to offer. With studies showing that an approximated 92% of Google's traffic are focused on first page results, rankings are of dire importance in online success. Clixpert knows just how to get you the rankings that your company needs to thrive in this very competitive market.
Reverse SEO
Of course, there are situations where one may have Search Engine Optimsation work against them. If you've had the credibility of your website compromised due to negative SEO and therefore unable to reach its full potential due to undesirable reviews, posts or bad backlinks, Clixpert is the company for you. With reverse SEO, we can give your company the fresh start it needs to excel in the online world once again.
The online success of a company depends on its visibility and its representation. Poor optimisation and poor representation leads be an increased level of difficulty when it comes to pushing your company's online presence in the right direction. We've worked with hundreds of clients both in Australia and on an international basis and have acquired great success in preventing negative press or bad results from hindering their websites' potential.
Google Local SEO

google local seo

One of the core ranking factors that needs to be taken advantage of is local SEO. Especially in the case that your target group is situated in a specific location or locations, you'll want to have a strong internet presence locally. Our team will put together a campaign that ensures that you are easily found within the correct region and thus, aren't missing out on potential leads.

All aspects of a campaign matter:
  • The quality of links you receive. At Clixpert, we ensure that the links pointing to your website are from reputable websites and work to boost your online credibility.
  • The reviews you get from third party sources. Reviews are an important part of not only Local SEO, but SEO in general. Our experts will make sure that you are able to maximise the potential of your reviews.
  • On page optimisation for local SEO. We'll ascertain that your website is properly formatted and well taken care of as to promote your business locally.
  • The accuracy of the necessary details. Phone numbers, address and company name all need to be accurate and we'll ensure this accuracy.
  • Keyword research and usage. Our experts will carry out the proper research to make sure that your online campaign is equipped with the right keywords; ones that will be of great benefit to your business and its success online. And more!
  • And more!
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