Service List

  • IT Managed Services
  • wCloud Solutions
  • SSL Certificates
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • IT Audit Services
  • Web hosting
  • IT - maintenance
  • Data Recovery
  • Domain Registration
  • Accounting software
  • Office 365
  • Computer /Internet
  • Web Hosting
  • Google Suite
  • Softwares/Hardware
  • Networking
  • SMS/ E-mail marketing
  • Business Voip / Phone lines
  • Back up Solutions
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Computer Installation and maintenance

At Clixpert, we’ve been providing clients with IT support for long enough to know, we can take nothing in the business, for granted. Not servers, not softwares, not technology, nor the clients whose businesses we serve.

We understand, as well as our client’s do, that if even one of their servers goes down, their business could be severely impacted and they could lose money or advantage to a competitor.

We’re on call when we need to be

In technology, a mishap can happen any time of day or night. So we’ve set up a system where our team receives alerts on their mobile phones. Should one of your servers go, or a midnight hack take place, we will be notified immediately. We will remotely dial into your network using our computers and resolve the issue remotely from where we are.

IT Services

We treat your business like we treat our own

Given we’re an SME, like most of our clients are, we understand the impact that down time can have on staff productivity and operations. To prevent this, we ‘forward plan’ for our clients.
We take the time and trouble to understand their business plan and ensure their infrastructure can support it.

IT Services

A comprehensive set of services

We do everything from infrastructure planning to IT budgeting to IT implementation and monitoring on an ongoing basis.
Our goal, at all times is to align IT services and support to your business vision, ensuring we work with you, to achieve it.

We currently provide to over clients

With a decade of experience behind us, we know how much clients and their businesses depend on IT to function smoothly. So we take utmost care to avoid dropping the ball when it comes the services we provide our clients with.

We back up all their data using ‘state-of-the-art’ technology and practices that are tried, tested, proven and ‘best in class’.

All our client’s data is backed up for a 7 day period - in case of a hack. This ensures your business, and your reputation, is cyber secure and safe with us.

If you would like to enquire about our IT services - please call 1300 254 973 or send us a brief outline of your requirement using the form provided.

Office 365 Integration

Though Office 365 is the most commonly used technology platform in business, it is not always straightforward for an SME business to purchase or integrate into its systems.

In an electronic world, customers may experience issues in accurately understanding which parts of the suite are relevant to their business and have genuine value attached to it.

Customers may also encounter issues with support if they buy direct.

As an IT support and services company, Clixpert has an excellent understanding of technology, and a structured process of evaluating and procuring it. We can solve many problems it would take our clients an ‘inordinate’ amount of time if they purchased their softwares from source.

With needs analysis, at the top of our priorities and agenda, we are an affordable IT outsourcing option that you can rely on to work for you.

Web hosting

ACME Tutorials is an Australian SME business that provides education services to young Australians across the country. Previously with an overseas based web hosting service, they had an urgent need to run a Google Adwords campaign. Their web hosting service provider told them they could not load their landing pages, and commence their campaign for 64 hours, as there a queue of customers ahead of them requiring service.

The client was losing $5000 a day due to non activity on Google Adwords. The time lapse cost it $15,000 in total.

When you go with us at Clixpert, we give you a space on servers we manage and control 100%. If you have a campaign need that is urgent, we can get it implemented in no time at all.

With yes, you get the comfort of a local company, the same person to speak to all the time, and a face to face meeting if you need one. These are benefits, an overseas provider cannot provider you with.

Data Recovery and cybersecurity

Given the number of hacks taking place in today’s business world, cybersecurity is now one of the most important things an SME business must be diligent about and invest in.

We protect our clients at the most basic level with a 7 day backup and data recovery plan. If a hacker steals your data, our destroy it using a trojan or virus, we will restore it for you, using the back ups we keep.

For our more vulnerable clients, those with client credit cards on their systems, or conducting electronic commerce, we do comprehensive security audits and develop ‘end-point’ security systems that are physically monitored to ensure no9ne of your gateways (be they firewalls, staff laptops or mobile phones) are breached.

Accounting Software

As businesses grow, software and systems integration becomes essential. As the world gets more application focused, many softwares are run from mobile phones,. Rather than laptops or swipe-tops. At the cutting edge of knowledge when it comes to mobile and app based technologies, we are quick to understand and adopt them for our clients. Not do we integrate softwares you’d like us to, we also do regular market audits on softwares and keep you updated on the best ones you should be using in you business!

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