If your business is one that relies on Ecommerce, then its home is the internet and its fuel is traffic. Whether you're starting a new business or looking to add more oomph into your existing business, having Clixpert assist you along with way will only serve to increase your success. We're a company of dedicated, knowledgeable and driven IT technicians who never forget our number one goal, SUCCESS. Since 2009, we've been leaving our mark on the IT industry, assisting companies in Australia (our home base) as well as worldwide, to achieve their goals of succeeding in Ecommerce.
With an approximated 40% of the world's 7.1 billion people using the internet, there's no doubting that businesses, large and small need to take advantage of the internet. It's believed that by the end of 2014, over 3 billion people will be using the internet and with numbers this high, it's hard to imagine that your target group can't be found here. However, reaching the people interested in your business can be harder than imaginable.
With an approximated 800 million websites on the internet, being found by potential buyers can be a task, however, it's by no means a task that can't be accomplished. At Clixpert, we can assist you in the creation of a website that heightens your success in Ecommerce. In doing so, we can ensure that:
  • Your target group can find you easily
  • Visits are turned into revenue
  • Visits enjoy navigating through your website
  • Your bounce rate is low
  • Your ecommerce website is full-functioning
  • Payment options are secure
Some of the areas of Ecommerce we offer assistance in :

Online Shopping
If you have an online shop that thrives from sales, then you're looking at one of the most popular measures of Ecommerce. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't misconceptions when it comes to building a successful Ecommerce website. At Clixpert we can ensure that your website is captivating at first glance (this is essential because you don't have a storefront to pull people in). When put to work, we will also ensure that potential customers find navigating through your website to be a breeze. Slow websites as well as dead links often cause potential customers to lose faith in a website and this is something that Clixpert does not stand by.

Electronic Payments
If you're selling a product, there needs to be a means of paying for this product. At Clixpert, we will ensure that the pay online mechanism installed on your website, functions well, is efficient and is safe.


Shopping Cart
The shopping cart feature is one that you will definitely want to have on your website if you're selling multiple products. It offers your customers ease when shopping, enabling them to add more items to their shopping list and contribute more profits to your business. At Clixpert, we can assist in the installation of a Shopping Cart to your Ecommerce website; ensuring that it runs glitch and error free. Clixpert offers a full range of services that take ecommerce to a new level:

  • Search engine registration (natural search results)
  • Online advertising (newsletter placement directories, links / cross links, banners, etc)
  • Public relations (articles, blogs, new releases, etc.)
  • Pay Per Click
  • Sales / special offers
  • In-site promotions
  • In-store coupons
  • Associated products
  • Opt in email promotions
  • Customer recommendations
  • Increasing per customer purchases
  • Building relationships
  • Establishing compelling context
  • Enticing appropriate visitor behavior
  • After sale marketing
At Clixpert, we are the experts in ecommerce marketing. Call us to discuss your needs or to custom tailor a package perfectly suited for your business. Call us at 1300 254 973
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