For a business to grow, automation is very important.Automating processes frees up staff from one set of challenges so they can focus on another. It is key to growth - a business achieving it.

Clixpert has successfully advised and implemented CRM solutions for its clients

AAA Removalists is one of the most trusted names for furniture removal, home and business relocation. Though the company had enjoyed unprecedented growth, its business processes had simply not kept pace with it.

AAA Removalist was still following a very old-fashioned system of handling customer enquiries. It was taking customer calls over the phone, dispatching quotes via email and it did not have an automated system for follow-up in place, or a tool to manage bookings or truck drivers.

Its website and booking engines were not integrated with its CRM system, so it was very hard to get a single view of the customer journey in order to improve it.


Leads were falling through the cracks

AAA Removalist was not converting as many leads it could have been, but more importantly, the company was also losing out on businesscritical intelligence that was making analysis difficult and business process improvement virtually impossible.

Additionally, leads, once converted, were not being transported as effectively as they could have been to the company’s truck drivers, or through the logistics and operations system, it had in place.

With hundreds of relocation jobs in progress, every month, a single improvement in process and logistics management could have a significant impact on the business’ sales, revenue and profit.


What Salesforce Consultancy gave AAA Removalist on their business? Visibility.

One of the first things we did when we were awarded the contract to develop and implement a solution for AAA Removalist, was sit down with the management, operations and customer service teams and listen to their view on their issues and how they believed our cloud-based CRM technology and process improvement expertise could solve them.

After a series of meetings, discussions and corridor conversations, we soon realised that the key issue lay in visibility of operations to management and staff, alike.

For example, the lack of automation, and integration between the company’s website and its CRM systems, alone, was preventing the customer service representatives from understanding the full nature of the customer’s job details resulting in higher call service times; as a result, customer service delivery was not as high as it could have been.


A comprehensive solution that brought customers, operations, logistics and service together

After spending considerable time with management and staff, and understanding the full facts of the business, Salesforce Consulting developed a cloud-based solution that integrated location data using a Google Maps API (an API is an Application Programming Interface), AAA Removalist’s website, CRM and operations and logistics systems.

The solution gave the company visibility across all its operations.

For the first time it could draw, within minutes from its database, a single view of its customers, even segmenting them by value, location or purchasing preference.

Using the intelligence, AAA Removalist were able to improve the way they estimated jobs and allocated them to drivers. By matching the volume and weight ratios of the relocation project, they were able to assign the right truck to the job, ensuring they better utilised their existing assets and carriage capacity.