“What drives marketing is not the channel, it’s the essence of the message: its value proposition.”

If communication is to be persuasive, it must cut through clutter and noise. Less is more. And brevity is clarity. A single message is more effective than a complex one. Striking imagery and commanding words gain attention, also the response and sale that goes with it. If cut-through creative communication is what you’re after, then Clixpert is an agency that can help.

Our process is simple, the way we are

We understand your Vision by listening to you describe it. Once we understand your Vision, we look at the objectives you’ve set to achieve it. Then, the part we can play in the process, if at all, any.

What’s the Big Idea?

The Creative Concept is the Big Idea in Communications. For an SME business to be a brand, it must understand its audiences’ interests, then capture them in a way that is creatively stimulating.

“Concepts” help brands to solve a problem, promote an idea, create awareness, successfully launch products, drive traffic and conversion through call-to-action, or even re-market (emphasise) your key message to your targeted audience.

AAA CIty Removalist - Facebook Ad
Clixpert - Creative Concept Ad

A good Concept takes multiple messages and unifies them

It uses words that command attention and striking imagery. A good Creative Campaign is memorable because of the ‘key chord’ it touches in its audience’s Mind.

All we need to develop concepts that work for you is a clear Creative brief that details:

  • Your business vision
  • Your business objective
  • The key problem that stands in the way of your attaining your objective - the way you see it . We’ll do the rest
Clixpert - Creative Concept Ad

What’s involved in our process?

  • 1. Development of strategy & brief
  • 2. Planning and creation of ideas/concepts
  • 3. Developing the marketing and media mix to audience (integrated marketing)
  • 4. Targeting customer whose needs we can address (value proposition)
  • 5. Measuring goals and how we’re achieving

How we bring your concept to life? Through a mix of measures that are online and offline:

  • Search marketing campaigns
  • (SEM, SEO, Mobile)
  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube advertising
  • Banners for website/ social media / SEM/ Display Ads
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Website landing page
  • Logo, Online Brochures
  • Sales & marketing collateral
  • Email signature
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Road signs
  • Vehicle banners
  • Shop front etc
How we get the job done? Through a vibrant team we’ve put together, they are:
  • Creative Directors
  • Creative Designers
  • Creative Writers
  • Creative Thinkers

Why Clixpert?

  • Winners
    Our 10+ years award-winning
  • Experience
    We’re experienced, gained from top Australian companies like NewsCorp, Columbus Media and Glaxo
  • Success
    Our successful proven track record in concepts+ideas
  • Affordable
    We’re affordable, passionate, and work towards your goals & budget

Time Requirements

Developing a creative concept can take anywhere from a few days to two months depending on the campaign size,number of channels selected and time needed for thinking & planning. If you have a business problem you’d like us to have a crack at, call us today on 1300 254 973 or email us at info@clixpert.com.au