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Clixpert is a qualified & competent Google Adwords Agency based in Sydney. We first opened our doors in 2009, and since have gained a worldwide reputation as a professional and experienced online...

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Comprised of a team of SEO specialists, Clixpert is amongst the top online marketing companies in Sydney. With fool proof strategies, we've accomplished great success in fuelling our client's online marketing ...

Social Media

When getting your brand out there, you'll want to take advantage of the many different avenues that the internet has to offer. With the ability for advertising campaigns to flourish on social media platforms


Clixpert creates custom websites that can turn your visitors into customers. Website is an outstanding tool that can augment your business if it is made with a focus on your customers. We believe in producing...

Invalid or Fraud Clicks

Mitigate Invalid or Fraud Clicks from your Google Ads campaign through our service via an Invalid Click App. Don’t let competitors click your ads out to deplete your daily budget. What happens when the clicks on your ads are not from prospective customers but rather malicious parties or competitors who play unfairly, who want to drain or deplete your ad budget? Read More


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Behind Google, Facebook is the second most visited and thus, the second most popular website on the internet...

Clixpert has been noted as one of Australia's top Google Adwords agencies and rightfully so. Since the introduction of our company in 2009....

Of course, there are situations where one may have Search Engine Optimsation work against them. If you've had the credibility of your website...

Since 2009, Clixpert has been at the forefront of Online Website marketing. By focusing on your needs and objectives...

In terms of targeting millions of potential customers, website content marketing is very influential. With the right content and keywords...

Email marketing is an important part of a business. Clixpert is your expert in helping to expand your business with excellence...

Since our introduction in 2009, Clixpert has been the go to firm for many Australians, as well as International businesses...

Online website marketing is our business at Clixpert. Since 2009, we've been helping small and large businesses with their IT service needs...

Behind Google, Facebook is the second most visited and thus, the second most popular website on the internet...

  • What are Google Ads or Google Adwords?

    Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express, is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to market their services and products on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites. Google Ads allow marketers to set specific objectives for their ads, such as generating websites visits and phone calls. Advertisers with a Google Ads account can customize their costs and targets and start and stop their ad campaign at any moment.

  • What are Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express?

    Google AdWords and Google AdWords express are former names of the presently named- Google Ads.

  • How does Google Ads work?

    Google Ads works by presenting your ad in the Google search results when people search for the products and services you provide. Google Ads offers you to place your ad in front of potential customers at the very moment they're willing to act.

    You begin by determining your goals, such as increasing the number of visitors to your website, phone calls or increase store visits.

    Following that, you specify the geographic location in which your ad should appear. It can be as tiny as a few miles around your company or as large as cities, states, or whole countries.

  • What are the different types of Google Ads?
    Google Ads are classified into three basic types:
    • Search Network campaigns - These ads, normally in text form, can appear on Google Search results when people search for similar services.
    • Display Network campaigns - These ads, which are typically in image form, are shown on websites or apps that users visit.
    • Video campaigns – these ads are often 6 or 15-second videos that may appear before or during YouTube videos.
  • What is CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?
    • The terms CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) imply that you pay for an ad only if someone clicks on it.

    • Other ad models are as follows:
    • Cost Per Impression, in which you pay based on the number of times your ad was displayed (not clicked)
    • Cost Per Engagement, in which you are charged only when a user completes a predetermined engagement (like watching your video ad)
  • How much does Google Ads or Google Adwords cost?

    Your budget preferences impact the cost of Google Ads. Google Ads can be used on practically any range of budgets. You are only charged when consumers interact with your ad, such as clicking to visit your website or calling your company. There is no minimum expenditure limit with Google Ads plus you can adjust the budget or pause the campaign anytime. The cost per click can vary depending upon various technical factors.

  • How do I start advertising on Google?

    Partner with Clixpert to start your Google advertising. The Google Ads professionals at Clixpert can set up your new account and help you generate your first campaign or existing campaign to generate more customers for your business.

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